The Kingdom of Aladdin is a magical amusement park located in the capital of Qatar, Doha. Also known by the moniker of ‘Entertainment City’ this splendid theme park has the distinction of being the sole theme park not only in the nation but also within the entire region of the Persian Gulf. Persons of all ages and walks of life will enjoy visiting this outstanding leisure destination in Qatar.

The venue features all of the staple attractions of a modern amusement park, including a carousel, Ferris wheel, bumper cars and, taking pride of place, a thrilling roller coaster, the aptly named ‘Thunderbolt’. This sensational roller coaster attains a speed of no less than 70 kmh. In total more than 20 exciting rides may be enjoyed at the venue. Other noteworthy attractions include go-karts, bumper boats, a trampoline, an excellent video game arcade and an arena for air hockey. Kids will also enjoy a special station created for the purpose of enabling children to engage in fun arts and crafts.

Not to be missed is the costume parade which is conducted daily. Another noteworthy point of interest is the amphitheatre which is used for hosting special features such as the popular fireworks displays. You will also find two separate mosques for males and females within the park for those who wish to attend to their prayers. Additionally a number of restaurants are available where visitors can replenish their energies.

The Kingdom of Aladdin opened its doors to the public in 1994. It was created with the intention of providing an attraction that would provide a delightful recreational venue for people of the region whilst retaining a genuine Arabian themed ambience. The creators of the attraction have certainly succeeded in this objective as demonstrated by the crowds who visit this unique amusement park.

An interesting feature at the park is that some days of the week are reserved for ladies and others for families, so that it is indeed accessible for all.

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