A thrilling feeling sneaks into you as you hear the words, ‘Once upon a time’. Yes, the child in you is still very much alive and wandering into a land of many tales that end with the much awaited ‘happily ever after’ should always be on the agenda wherever you may be. If you are vacationing in Hong Kong make it a point to visit Disneyland which is located in Lantau Island. You can easily find Hong Kong hotel rooms that provide family friendly accommodation which is essential too, for such a trip. Cosmopolitan Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong (soon to be rebranded as Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong) is one such option worth considering.

Hypnotized! That’s what you will be at Hong Kong Disneyland. The proportions and fun-activities on offer are simply astounding.

Enveloped in drooping, enchanting and fantastical foliage, you will sail down the river of adventure. Choose to venture on ‘The Jungle River Cruise’ and you will never know what surprises awaits you. Could it be an elephant, spooky spiders or a graceful cobra? You would never guess!

Speaking of treacherous jungles, who wouldn’t want to meet Tarzan, ‘The Jungle Man’ and ‘tree-top swinger from jungle land’. Visit ‘Tarzan’s Tree House and let your imagination be flooded with the crazy actions of the much-loved ‘Jungle Man’.

Why not meet many more fascinating characters and watch episodes from your favourite Disney movies? Step into the ‘Fairy Tale Forest’, where you would be made to believe that your dearest characters and their stories are far from make-believe.

‘Abra ka-dabra’, a human is turned into a horseman, racing ahead to take ‘Cinderella’ for the grand ball. The ‘Cinderella Carousel’ is bound to make your heart leap more than once. It is a truly exciting ride.

Undoubtedly, Hong Kong Disneyland is an adventurous form of escape from reality!

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.