Located amidst sprawling paddy fields and beautiful ravines is the city of Ubud in the Indonesian island of Bali. Known for its blissful natural beauty and relaxed culture, Ubud is a popular tourist destination amongst travelers wishing to get in touch with nature, spirituality and the culture of Bali. Ubud is popular for its hospitality industry as well as its many recreational and nature activities and attractions. For a stay in a luxury hotel Bali, which is reputed for its warm hospitality, make reservation at the Uma by COMO, Ubud.

Located about 20 minutes from Ubud is the Kebun Raya Botanical Gardens, one of Bali’s finest botanical gardens. Established with the vision of being a world-class botanical garden specializing in tropical montane ecology, and developing botanical research, this botanical garden is an ideal attraction for any lover of nature; especially flowers. With many amazing features, unique species of flora, and interactive visitor programs, you can be assured that visiting the Kebun Raya Botanical Garden will be truly memorable.

The Kebun Raya Botanical Garden was established in July 1959, and has focused on exploration, conservation, science and research, and recreation. The gardens are home to over 2000 species of flora ranging from trees, flowers, plants, and shrubs. The garden is divided into six subdivisions; namely orchids, medicinal plants, begonia, ferns, cacti, and aquatic plants. There is also a herbarium and gardens specially maintained for bird watching as well. Wander through these many gardens and witness a range of beautifully cultivated and maintained gardens and flowers, which is sure to be an amazing experience. You can also witness some of the most unique landscaping in Bali at the gardens. A highlight of the Kebun Raya Botanical Garden is walking through the luscious and beautiful Orchid and Cacti gardens, through the many rows of flowers and plants. If you are interested in known more about the many unique plants and the valuable work done at this botanical garden, you can partake in its many educational programs, and visit the library as well.

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