The Sunshine Coast located in Queensland is a wonderful place for a holiday as it is replete with numerous beaches, national parks and attractions such as UnderWater World, The Big Pineapple and the Australia Zoo. It is also a family friendly holiday destinations with numerous activities for children.

Holiday accommodation in Caloundra gives families the option of exploring the rock pools of Caloundra. Kids will thoroughly enjoy exploring the pools in their search for marine treasures such as seashells and even a live crab or two. But if you are holidaying with very small children and are wary of visiting an unguarded beach, what better way to allow children to enjoy themselves than by visiting a water park? Whether it is a natural water park such as Lake Currimundi or an adventure zone water park such as that of Oaks Oasis, it is an activity that is likely to keep children entertained and happy. Lake Currimundi, while not being an actual water park, very much seems like one due to its natural construction. Kids can play in the waters, ride the current that eventually washes you towards the shore or even float in its clear blue waters.

It is never too early to introduce children to the wonders of nature, and what better way to achieve this than to take them on a trail to Kondalilla Falls? As the trek is less than 2 kilometres, it is not likely to be difficult for kids to manage, and the cool waters of the falls are worth the trek. Kids will also enjoy exploring and splashing around in the Gardners Falls, a waterfall near Maleny, and families can enjoy a picnic by its waters as well.
If you visit the Sunshine Coast during spring, make sure to take your kids to Tin Can Bay and embark on the famed Wildflower Walk. The Wildflower Walk is dotted with indigenous and wild flowers bursting with colour and your kids are sure to love the blooms.
Therefore, there are numerous children-friendly, family-oriented excursions and activities in Sunshine Coast. Seek and ye shall find.



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