The Kuala Selangor National Park is located on the coastline on a land area of around 200 hectares. Rich with Flora and Fauna, the park is mostly on mangrove lands. The area is rich in biodiversity and can be any nature lovers paradise.

There a wide range of things to do in this little historic town, which means it is not short of accommodation options. Among the hotels Kuala Lampur , a pioneer would be Aloft Kuala Lumpur sentral. The hotel is tastefully designed to suit the modern generation with different type of room options available . The hotel in Kuala Lampur is a busy buinsess hub and is located in very close proximity.

There are many species of birds in the nature park, close to around 150 species and the mangroves provide a perfect breeding ground for many species of fish. The best way to have a look around the park would be to follow one of the four of its trails. One of the most unforgettable experiences in Selangor would be the eagle feeding activity in the river where you will be encountered by hungry eagles waiting to be fed by the tour guide of the boat.

The park allows visitors to watch the birds and animals through watch towers also there are chalets for those wanting to spend the night at the park. The park hosts many environmental educational activities and games to educate the visitors about the importance of the coastal environment.

The nature park has many attractions surrounding it such as the , Bukit Melawati the administrative centre of the sultanate who ruled during the 18th and 19th century. This is a historically important place was once a fort that later fell into the hands of Dutch, at present the relics if the fort can be found. Other such activities and attractions include, visit to the fresh water fish park and the fishing village among many others.

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