Male in the Maldives is an intriguing tropical locale with a unique brand of culture that is ripe for exploration and discovery. However, if you simply want a place to relax with the family, head over to Luna Park, which offers a fun theme park experience – Maldives style. To make the most of your stay here, you’ll want to check into one of the luxury Maldives resorts that make this a famous beach getaway worldwide. Consider the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas which will provide you with a relaxing Maldives spa resorts experience like none other. If it’s Friday night and you’ve exhausted all your sightseeing options in Male, the Maldives’ vibrant capital, head over to a fun outdoor concert featured at the Luna Park theme park, which is a popular spot for both locals and international visitors. Take the kids down here during a sunny afternoon as the park features an exciting array of rides such as a ferry wheel and merry-go-rounds. A previously mentioned, the Friday night concerts are an exciting event to partake in, and provide ample opportunities to mingle with the locals as well. Visitors are cautioned to dress modestly (no shorts), as the Maldives is a Muslim country that practices a modest dress sense.


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