The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta has many theme parks to satisfy the tourists that arrive in this sprawling metropolis each year. People from many countries all come here to Jakarta to visit many of the city’s destinations.

Jakarta Amusement Parks are one way tourists spend their time in Indonesia. Adults and children alike seem to enjoy the many thrills and spills in these amusement parks.

The Ancol Dreamland was established in 1966. The Dreamland entertainment zone is home to a theme park called Fantasy World (Dufan Dunia or Fantasi). The Ancol Dreamland comprises of over forty primary attractions and rides. These forty attractions and rides can de categorized as follows Eropa (Europe), Balada Kera (Monkey Parody) Asia, Indonesia, Jakarta, Amerika (America), Yunani (Greece), and Hikayat (Fantasy). To mention few of the popular rides featured at the Park are the Niagara flume ride, Perang Bintang (Star Wars), Kicir-Kicir (Power Surge), Halilintar twisted roller coaster ride, Meteor Attack and Tornado.

The Dreamland has many other popular sites, one such site is the Atlantis Water Adventure. The Atlantis Water Adventure is based upon the mythical metropolis of Atlantis. There is also a flowing river pool, a wave pool, a rainbow ball pool and children have two pools of their own to enjoy. Sea World was constructed in the year 1996. At the time, it was the largest aquarium in South East Asia and is considerably larger than Singapore’s Underwater World. At the SeaWorld one can get to catch a glimpse of the popular the alligator pool, antinessa tunnel, main pool, shark pool and sea friends’ pool.

Jakarta provides a rich source of entertainment for all walks of life, with the theme parks catered to provide quality entertainment and a sense of adventure. When in Jakarta make sure to stay at a Jakarta serviced apartment that offers the convenience of being centrally located and provides quality service. Jakarta serviced apartments are available at the Somerset Berlian that are suitable for long or short stay accommodation.