Corniche Road, a 6 km beach front road along Abu Dhabi City’s northwest shore is its main thoroughfare made famous by the city’s ‘must visit’ leisure and recreation areas. The road is easily reached from Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara, a popular hotel in Abu Dhabi, from its central city location.

Abu Dhabi City’s central area is a wedge shaped island connected to the mainland by two bridges. The wide end of the wedge is the city centre with Corniche Road running along the coast. The beginning and end of the road is generally identified by two international hotels at either end. The four lane highway is one of the most scenic city areas lined with Abu Dhabi’s best beaches, leisure facilities, its famous coastal promenade on one side and parklands and fountains at every intersection on the other. Driving along it is a pleasure as it offers the city’s best views and is an open area when compared to the other roads of the city that are hemmed in by high rises. Mixed developments along the road on the landside include some of Abu Dhabi’s renowned high rises, premium hotels and apartments and restaurants making these buildings the most desirable places to live and to locate offices. The extravagant Emirates Palace Hotel, Capital Gate, Etihad Towers, the circular Aldar Head Quarters are some of the city’s Iconic landmarks that can be viewed when driving along Corniche Road. It is easily accessible and those desirous of driving along it can either take a public bus, a taxi, go on the open topped hop off and on bus or hire a car. Plenty of free parking is available along the road in addition to taxi stands and bus stops for the convenience of the multitude of people who visit the promenade and the area around it on a daily basis.

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