Namibia might appeal to you with its classic desert landscapes, safe drinking water, and plenty of self-driving options. But the scorching heat during the day and the teeth-shattering cold at night would make you think twice and plan your itinerary quite carefully.

Pick Fewer Destinations

If you’re travelling to Namibia with kids, but still hoping to visit some places, make sure that you plan longer stays at each place – the longer you stay at a particular place, the more your kids will enjoy it. Rushing across several attractions will tire them out soon.

Image by Ruan Schoeman from Pixabay 

Look for Child-friendly Accommodation

If you’ve got toddlers, then camping might not be the best option for your family. Although kids that are a bit older may enjoy the surroundings, your toddlers might need the comforts of home, which you might be able to provide them with at one of the hotels in Windhoek.

Activities for Kids

Etosha has quite a few lodges that offer kids’ programmes, letting your kids have fun with plenty of freedom in safe surroundings. Waterberg is excellent for going on walks with kids and teaching them the ABC’s of rock climbing.


There are snakes and scorpions in the desert so make sure that you check each nook and corner of your – even inside shoes – to ensure the safety of your loved ones. If camping’s not for you, then there are always safe properties such as Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino.