Commonly known as Malacañang which translates to ‘There is a nobleman there’, the Malacañang Palace is the workplace and official residence of the President of the Philippines. Located in San Miguel, Manila, this beautiful Spanish colonial style summerhouse was the proud, painstaking works of the Spanish aristocrat Don Luís Rocha from whom Malacañang Palace was later bought by Colonel Jose Miguel Formente. Subsequently, in 1825 the of Philippines government purchased it and since then this stunning piece of lodging has been home to fourteen American Civil Governors, eighteen Spanish Governor Generals and Philippine Presidents.  Inside the walls of this regal palace are multiple rooms, halls, studies, private quarters and golf courses that are adorned according to the preferences of its current resident.
The furniture used remains those that have been used many years ago crafted by the finest of Philippine hardwood. Similarly the stunning gardens still have century old trees with additions of tropical trees and its mesmerizing beauty is a prize for the surveying eyes. Many a times the palace has been raided and taken into seizer by rebels and has undergone renovations from time to time, but the true masterpiece still remains intact, elegant and majestic. Accommodation is varied in Manila and a popular and luxurious choice is Manila Serviced Apartments. Ascott Makati offers the ultimate fashionable Manila Apartment that is second best to none.