Chiang Rai is considered one of the oldest settlements in Thailand. With a far-reaching history before its 34 year stretch it was the second capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Even though It is not that very popular like Chiang Mai as a tourist destination, what makes Chiang Rai fascinating is its strong association with the Thai ethnic culture, the origins of Lanna people. These are still visible in the temple and museum architecture around the city area. Chiang Rai has managed to retain a strong Lanna identity over the centuries. It is quite significant that the city has been able to nurture a new artistic movement, which attempts to modernise the Lanna’s cultural essence to offer a new perspective on it in the modern world. Some of the remarkable achievements of this movement can be seen with the famous White Temple followed by the blazing red ubosot also known as the Main Chapel at Wat Klang Wieng. You can also visit the Oub Kham Museum for a concentrated dose of ancient Lanna history and cultural heritage. Many tourists who follow the Chiang Rai Travel Guide visit this old city to see the ancient monuments and modern accomplishments through-out the year. There are many luxury hotels to cater to their accommodation needs such as Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort.

The Naval City Pillar is a series of carved stone pillars that are about 1m high, set atop Jom Thong Hill. It is a blend of ancient Khmer and Lanna concepts of the universe and man’s position in relation to them. The main pillar is fixed on a marble pedestal and slightly bigger than the rest and is surrounded by 108 satellite pillars which occupy the six-tiered concentric circles that radiate around it, representing the six lower levels of heaven. When they all come together, the entire site produces a heavenly aura and emanates a supernatural air to it. During your stay up the hill, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of downtown Chiang Rai, the Kok River, or to ensure to make a visit to Wat Phra That Doi Chom Thong found in the same locality. It is quite convenient to find your way to the Naval City Pillar easily by hiring a songtaew or by renting a motorcycle.


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