The Ultimate Kings of India have perhaps always been the Tiger. Nothing is more profound and magnificent in this nation like the Bengal Tiger. Its size so massive, its stripes so majestic and its beady eyes full of fierce power, the tiger is the most captivating creature in India. But its beauty has its downside; poaching. The number of tigers has rapidly been decreasing due to illegal hunting of this species. Hence the many reserves were set up to protect and enhance the most sacred species of the nation.

One of the most beautiful tiger reserves in the nation is the Kalakad-Mundanthurai-Tiger Reserve. This reserve located in the western ghat ranges of Tirunelveli Kottabomman district in Tamil Nadu makes the second largest and one of the most diverse reserves of its kind. It is home not just to tigers; as its climatic conditions are rather diverse you find an array of different flora and fauna that adds to the eco value of the reserve. Among these species 17 types of fauna and 32 types of flora have been recorded as endemic. The Kalakad-Mundanthurai-Tiger Reserve has a very tranquil setting. Its location atop hills gives you the feeling of watching wildlife in the skies. There are many streams and lakes that adorn Kalakad-Mundanthurai-Tiger Reserve. It is perfect to watch nature do its wonderworks in these locations and the water further add to the beauty of the place. Kalakad-Mundanthurai-Tiger Reserve has been established in the year 1962 in view of preserving the tiger numbers that were depleting. The effort taken by this reserve has been immense both in terms of research and protection. Allocate a whole day to take part in the daily tours of the reserve that are readily available. Both Kalakad and Mundanthurai are actually two separate reserves located by the side of each other and covering the entire expanse is worthwhile.

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