The state capital of Australia’s New South Wales is the bustling city of Sydney. One of the most popular suburbs and main commercial districts of Sydney is the city’s Central Business District (CBD). Considered to be the hub of Australian finance and economic activity, this vibrant and exciting district is home to some of Sydney’s top attractions and sights. A great choice of Sydney CBD accommodation is the Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments; a stylish serviced residence which offers warm hospitality and a host of modern amenities.

Sydney is widely regarded as being the centre of cultural activity in Australia, owing to its heritage and multicultural society. The Sydney CBD, being the hub of activity of the city, is therefore home to some of Australia’s finest museums and art galleries. Ranging from iconic museums to modern art galleries, visitors to the CBD are afforded the opportunity to absorb the rich culture and vibrant artistic expressions of Australia and “Sydneysiders” (term referring to inhabitants of Sydney).

The most famous museum in the Sydney CBD is the Australian Museum. Established in 1827, this s the oldest museum in Australia and boasts a vast and unique collection of artefacts, including traditional indigenous equipment, zoological items, Aboriginal art, and artefacts of mineralogical importance. Another popular museum is the Museum of Sydney. Built on the site of the house of Sydney’s first Governor, the Museum of Sydney was established in 1995 and showcases the history and present of the city through a range of permanent and temporary exhibitions reflecting the contemporary trends of Sydney.

The Powerhouse Museum, displaying a great collection of scientific works, transport equipment, computer and media technology, and steam engines, is also a popular local attraction. The Museum of Contemporary Art is easily one of the most popular art museums / galleries in the district, so make sure you pay it a visit. The Art Gallery of New South Wales is however the most vibrant gallery, as it includes Asian, Western, Pacific, Aboriginal, Australian, and photographic art. The White Rabbit Gallery is also not a bad option for contemporary art.

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