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Thailand’s capital is a city jam-packed with people, and there’s a never ending list of things to see and do to keep anyone occupied throughout the day. The best way to discover unique places to visit, is to browse through popular travel pages like Travel Bangkok Now, for example, so you get a better idea of what the city has to offer.

Widely known for having its fair share of eccentric trends and quirky locations that generally leave visitors more than a little amused; the city is a playground for those interested in the strange and unusual, and there’s nothing that fits the description better than the airplane graveyard in Bangkok. Adventures aside, the mysterious airplane graveyard contains a massive double-decker airplane and four smaller planes which seem to have been abandoned without reason.

To enter the graveyard a small ‘donation’ is generally asked for by what seems to be a security guard at the entrance; however these are actually squatters that live within the grounds.



Feel free to negotiate the price with him but keep in mind the money goes toward feeding the several families that live there, so no harm, no fuss. The deteriorating planes are both intriguing and slightly terrifying to observe.

The planes have reportedly been there since 2010 and according to reports; the land and planes belong to a Thai businessman who has been selling parts as scrap over the years.



Large sections of the planes and wings have been dismantled and the interiors stripped, but you can still explore what remains of the cabins and other areas. However, if you see curtains hung, that’s a sign that a family is living in the particular section and you can’t go in.


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Airplane graveyard

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Most of the cockpits are surprisingly still intact; all the levers, buttons and panels give an idea of what it might have been like to be inside when it was in use.

While you’re free to walk in all the unoccupied areas of the graveyard, do watch out for sharp edges and scrap metal haphazardly thrown around when walking through the sections.

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