The attractive town of Negombo is one of the significant cities in the island nation of Sri Lanka. Situated on the island’s western coast, it has the distinction of being the fifth biggest city in the nation, as well as one of its principal commercial centres. As the town is located close to the international airport many tourists frequent Negombo. Populated by approximately 128,000 residents this picturesque town is noted for its visitor attractions. The town features numerous colonial era monuments, attractive sandy beaches and a thriving fishing industry. These attractions have made the city a significant tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

Visitors to Negombo should make it a point to drop in at the town’s bustling fish market. Conducted throughout the week except on Sundays, this authentic vibrant marketplace for fish will immediately capture the attention of the observer. By visiting the market you will be able to obtain a genuine insight into the traditional fishing industry, which has flourished in the area for centuries. Visitors will be able to see the multitude of fresh fish and other seafood being unloaded from the traditional seagoing vessels. The catch of seafood will include fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters, cuttlefish, shrimps and sharks. The colourful spectacle of the local fish auction will remain in the mind of the observer. Visitors can take the opportunity to meet the local fisher folk and even arrange excursions to the local lagoon as well as the seas beyond.

The local fishermen are well-versed with the vicissitudes of obtaining a rich harvest of the bounty of the ocean, as they have practised their craft for centuries. These fishermen head out to sea relying on their intuitive knowledge of the seasonal weather and ocean conditions. Two kinds of traditional fishing vessels are used by the fishermen; namely the oruva, a kind of outrigger canoe, and the paruva, a larger type of catamaran. These sailing vessels are crafted from tree trunks, and even today are fashioned as they have been for generations.

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