Regarded as an amusement that belongs to a different class of entertainment, Ocean Park found in Nam Long Shan and Wong Chuk Hang in Hong Kong’s Southern District is the place to be visiting for a fun-filled day with the whole family. If you’re looking for a Hong Kong boutique hotel to stay at, select a 4 star hotel Hong Kong such as Cosmo Hotel from where you head over to this thrilling and absorbing destination.

The park which opened its doors to the public in the year 1977 is divided into 2 sections and aims to deliver an unsurpassed level of satisfaction throughout its enchanting premises. Its 91.5 hectares includes 4 rollercoaster rides and a host of animal exhibits such as the giant panda habitat, jelly fish and Chinese sturgeon aquarium and a state of the art aquarium that houses the largest aquarium dome in the world. The dome is home to over 5000 colourful fish of varying sizes and shapes. Take the kids to Whisker’s Theatre where they will be thrilled by observing a day in the life of Ocean Park’s sea lions. From dolphins, penguins, Pacific walruses to even butterflies, Ocean Park serves up a spectacle like no other amusement park in the area can.

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