Dominating the heart of Downtown, the Roman Theatre of Amman stands majestic and rightfully, as the centrepiece of the Roman Philadelphia. Millennium Hotel Amman is a much sought after hotel in Amman Jordan chosen by many when visiting this grand structure as this Amman hotel is well known for the many comforts and facilities that it offers its guests. Constructed between 169 and 177 AD during the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the structure is saturated with history. The seating capacity of this grandiose arena is 6000 and as was required according to the customs of the roman glory days, it is built in three tiers. The tier closest to the action was consecrated to the nobility while the military occupied the middle seats and the general public was usually given the furthest tier away from the action. The sheer size of the theatre takes one’s breath away. While here, also pay a visit to the two museums housed in the vaults beneath the auditorium to discover more about the fascinating history and plunge into the depths of the vibrant culture that the region proudly boasts of.