Perched on top of a hill rising 52 metres and offering stunning panoramas is the Macau Museum, ensconced within the Monte Fort, a 16th-century masterpiece in Macau. If you’re visiting the country for the first time, this museum is a must-visit feature, and it will enhance your stay in one of the luxury hotels Macau has to offer its visitors, such as the Galaxy Macau Resort Hotel. With gracious hospitality, this fine Macau hotel presents an excellent option to host for your time in the nation. The Macau Museum houses three impressive permanent exhibitions that will take you through Macau’s historical origins, highlight the country’s intriguing folk and social customs, as well as showcase the current modernity and glamour that informs much of modern Macau. Spread over three floors, you will feel as if you are travelling through history on the first floor, ascending through the evolution of societal norms on the second, and witness Macau’s future in the making on the third floor. The museum also features a variety of temporary exhibitions, which will make each visit a different excursion. Afterward, relax and unwind in the charming museum café, or if you prefer something on the go, the snack bar will refuel your energy for your next round of cultural exploration in Macau.

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