The Panda Breeding and Research Centre located 10km downtown Chengdu is a priceless organization doing their very best to give a good life for endangered species, specially the much-loved giant pandas. This research base is structured over a 95-acre land in a manner to suite the temperature pandas will need to live and breed more healthily.

Thus, you would find over a ten thousand clumps of Verdant bamboo bushes, bright colored flowers and natural hill scenes with a beautiful artificial view which makes a magical wonderland for the furry cuties that is loved by so many people from all around the world. The facilities made for the giant pandas include a fodder room, sleeping qauarters, and a medical station. This centre not only cares for giant pandas but they also take care of lesser pandas, black necked cranes, white storks, and over 20 species are fed and bred throughout the years.

The research centre has expanded further by adding a giant panda museum in the year 1993, which has resulted in expanding the public knowledge and awareness in protecting these endangered adorables. This museum has three main halls named as Giant Panda Hall, Butterfly Hall and Vertebrate Hall which exhibits all kinds of rare and priceless animal pictures fossils and models. The research centre overflows with people who come in daily to take pictures, study the behaviors and just gaze in amazement at these fur balls getting around with their days work.

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