The royal field or Sanam Luang Park is a vast open space across the road from the Grand Palace Bangkok, on Rattanakosin Island in the historic heart of the city. It has served as the city’s main public space since its founding in the 18th century. Whether on vacation or business the conveniences and comforts of Vic3 Bangkok make a stay here worthwhile.

Sanam Luang Park is where royal cremations have been taking place since the time of Rama I. The Royal ploughing ceremony and the calling for rain ceremony were also held here. Shrine rooms and pavilions needed for the ceremonies and to house the king and his entourage cluttered the space. There was even a barn on the premises to store the grain from the ceremonial paddy fields. King Rama V changed all that. The buildings were demolished and the grounds were used for the centennial celebrations of Bangkok in 1897 and also to celebrate the king’s birthday. Although it was again used for ploughing and rain making ceremonies after Rama V’s demise, the park’s character changed with the influx of foreigners and it served for a time as a race track and a golf course.

Now tamarind trees provide welcoming shade on the perimeter of the park and picnickers can be found here on mild days. This is also where tourists visiting the Grand Palace complex are dropped off. The ploughing and calling for rain ceremonies and royal cremations are still held here but it is now very much a public space where the people of Bangkok come for their voices to be heard, enjoy kite flying competitions, gather to celebrate the king’s birthday in December, Constitution Day also in December and the New Year. It is also a popular place for early morning jogs and walks and as a space to play sepak takraw or kick volleyball. As one of popular four star hotels Bangkok Vic3’s range of fully furnished apartments and central location is what holiday makers and business clients look for when visiting the city.

Jayani Senanayake is a writer who dabbles in travel and all things exotic. Under the pseudonym of Caliope Sage, she writes of the allures that must simply be discovered.