The attractive Qingdao Botanical Garden is a delightful place to explore, and is frequented by a steady stream of locals as well as visitors from overseas. Initially created as far back as 1976 this distinctive botanical attraction extends over an area of no less than 100 hectares. This attractive park is located on the southern slopes of Taiping Mountain. It is bordered by the well-known Zhanshan shrine on its eastern side whilst to its west you will see the verdant Zhongshan Park.

At Qingdao Botanical Garden the visitor will be able to see no less than 1,000 different varieties of domestic as well as foreign kinds of plants and trees. Many of these botanical riches are endangered and rare varieties which are rarely seen in gardens of this kind. The southern slope of this park features numerous attractive cedars, whilst the western slope is employed for the rearing of various plant varieties. In the pleasant warmth of spring many-hued flowers bloom at this location, creating a delightful scene.

The garden also features an attractive amusement park which extends over an expansive area. It is a splendid verdant forested park which appeals to all visitors irrespective of their age or inclinations. The appealing terrain of this part of the garden includes tranquil woods, valleys and lakes creating a magical environment. Visitors may enjoy an array of appealing activities including hiking, rope walking, fishing, forest bathing and even yachting. For adventure seekers there is thrilling entertainment such as bungee jumping, air gliding, car racing, rock climbing and a host of other recreational activities.

In the fine woods area of the park you will be able to see an appealing section with a striking fountain situated on a three-tiered marble inlaid platform. Various potted plants and unusual trees may be seen here. Highlights include ginkgoes, camellias, Japanese pines, some magnolias, and varieties from the Americas. Visitors should take the point to explore the winding paths in the local lawns, and enjoy observing the unusual flowers and plants.
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