The fascinating Taichung Science Park is an intriguing modern attraction that will draw the attention of anyone with an interest in science and technology. This technological marvel has been constructed on land that was formerly used for sweet potato and sugar cane cultivation amidst the picturesque hills of Taiwan’s Taichung County.

This state of the art science park has attracted some of the world’s leading names in electronics and other technologies keeping it at the forefront of global trends in consumer electronics innovations. The presence of global multinational giants in this kind of venture confirms Taiwan’s leading position in cutting edge technology.

One of the most prominent areas of expertise at this scientific focal point is the design and production of large size and giant panel television screens and computer monitors. The ultimate in this kind of technology is the immense state of the art screens which can be as large as a three seat sofa, or even larger.
The Taichung Science Park is a part of the Central Taiwan Science Park; this expansive complex has attracted globally renowned technological firms such as Corning, AU Optronics, Winbond Electronics, Taiwan Semiconductor, Rexchip Electronics, Sunner Solar and ProMOS Technologies. The complex may be conveniently accessed via the Taichung Port, speed rail and road networks which provide access from the nearby residential and commercial hubs.

The Science Park is always an intriguing location to visit, as you will be able to observe the state of the art buildings which present a futuristic scene, contrasting with the traditional appearance of some of the nearby areas.

The scientific parks of Taiwan have been created with the objective of promoting and providing a conducive environment for cutting edge research and innovative scientific endeavours. By doing so it is hoped that Taiwan will secure a name for itself as a premier technological focal point. Already a premier supplier of technical know-how and innovative production systems, there is little doubt that Taiwan will remain a significant hub for world class technology.

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