Melbourne aquarium is home to one of Australia’s most interactive rainforest experiences. The atmosphere has been recreated to depict the leafy surrounds found in most of Australia’s rain forest and visitors have a chance to gaze at some of the rarest of animals such as bugs , reptiles among many others.

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One of the key goals of the rainforest experience is to educate the people on the importance of preserving the endemic animals and especially the marine life and the significance of keeping the water ways clean and pollution free. The interactive experience will feature presentations , animal feeds , dry touch pool experiences among many others.

The special rain forest experience has been constructed over a period of three months with special life support system and state of the art aquarium technology. The Australian rainforests are home to a wide range of endemic species and is a unique eco system in itself , the Rainforest adventure aims to recreate this. One of the key not to be missed experiences are the dry pool , which allows a very up close experience with some of the rarest creatures. There are many interactive stations through out the area which allows visitors to get a hands on experience.

For those interested in wild life another interesting option to check out while in Melbourne would be , the Melbourne zoo. Five minutes away from the city center the zoo is home to around 250 species from around the world. It is worth checking these two places out when you visit Melbourne.

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