This fabulous eco park came out tops once more; winning 4 awards at the 2016 Bali Tourism Awards. The Safari and Marine Park promises to thrill, entice and awe all visitors within its stunning environs.

Enjoy the thrills of a Safari and Not a Zoo

The Safari and Marine Park is not a Zoo; the place is a carefully set up sanctuary that houses over 60 species of animals in a free-range setting.

Shuttle Service to the Park

If you are on a business trip to the country attending an event at the Bali International Convention Centre a sojourn at the park guarantees loads of relaxation. The convention centre serving a dual purpose as a resort in Nusa Dua, Bali is close to the parks shuttle service pickup points; so go ahead and let the allure of nature rejuvenate your mind.

Encounter the Exotic Species

The park is well set up with lots of exotic animals that visitors will not normally encounter. The wild like settings are home to many species such as elephants, leopards, zebras, Sumatran tiger and many more. There are also endangered species such as orang-utan, komodo and the Bali mynah.

Savour the Thrill of Close Encounters

A sojourn in this park means you get up close and personal to many of the wild species; practising extreme safety precautions of course! The Animal Encounter Space is specially designed for animal lovers to interact with their favourite species.

Enjoy a Safari on Elephant Back

Enjoy the thrill of an elephant back ride as you stomp through a typical African savannah typesetting on the back of the largest land mammal. The journey will prove to be quite memorable plus you get to enjoy views of other free range animals; making this just as good as an authentic African Safari.

The Restaurant is Pretty Wild Too

Enjoy a marvellous dining experience at the in-house restaurant surrounded by porcupines, meerkats and even lions. The Tsavo Lion Restaurant is known for its delectable range of cuisines while the state of the art park theatre adds more allure to your journey with Kecak dancers and other performances.

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