The ocean is shrouded in mystery and seems to unravel its treasures to a lucky few. However, in Indonesia’s capital, a successful attempt has been made to display an impressive amount of oceanic beings under one roof. The Sea World in Jakarta is a spot that you must not fail to visit. Even though nothing compares to plunging deep beneath the waves, this amazing sea world simulates an underwater experience. A stay at a Hotel Jakarta will prove to be a worthy stay as these hotels provides one with easy access to various entertainment hubs in the region. One such option is a stay at Alila Jakarta, a boutique hotel beyond compare you know that you are in a location that will facilitate your visit to the sea world.

Conservation of oceanic beings in the waters that surround Indonesia has been an aim of the founders of the sea world. The Saltwater Aquarium is of astounding proportions and is home to some never-before-seen animals. As the aquarium can contain up to five million liters of saltwater, it is known as the biggest saltwater aquarium in South East Asia.

Observe piranha, electric eel and the freshwater catfish at the sea world’s fresh water aquarium. The variety on display is bound to astound you, as these animals have been transported from all corners of the world. Be enthralled by the colours and swift movements of these beings.

Not an ounce of effort is needed to cover the 80 meter long Antasena Tunnel that has a conveyor which extends the length of the tunnel. This is also the typical American sea world experience. As you are smoothly moved ahead, above and around you the world beneath the waves magically comes alive. However, be more vigilant to those beings whose movements are not dramatic in comparison to some others.

Of the same genus as the hippopotamus, the Dugong is an attractive mammal of the sea. At the sea world in Jakarta, an aquarium is dedicated to the Dugong. There are many other aquatic beings to keep the Dugong company, such as the clown fish, cockatoo fish and the kepe-kepe fish among many others.

The sea world in Jakarta certainly lives up to its aim of conserving while entertaining and educating.

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.