London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is one of the most popular cities in the world. Considered to be one of the most culturally vibrant and urban cities as well, London is visited by hordes of tourists each year. The city is known for its unique culture, historic and cultural landmarks and attractions, and various recreational and leisure sites and attractions.

London is also known for its immense beauty and one landmark which showcases its natural beauty and recreational facilities is the Serpentine Boating Lake. This beautiful recreational lake is located in Hyde Park and is a popular tourist attraction. The calming and relaxing atmosphere of this site also makes it an ideal location to go on a boat ride and absorb the beauty and tranquillity of nature.

Built in 1731 in honour of Queen Caroline, the Serpentine Boating Lake and its adjacent park spreads over a vast area of 16 hectares and is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the Hyde Park area. Much of the area forms the body of the lake; however the park area is also very much a key highlight of the Serpentine. The beautiful lawns as well the magnificent Italian Gardens and the terraces and fountains at the Bayswater are some of the major attractions of the park. The site offers several forms of recreation as it has facilities to accommodate swimming, rowing, peddle boating, as well as the Solarshuttle; a solar powered shuttle which offers ferry rides between the north and south banks of the lake. The Long Water; with its classical fountains, and the famous Serpentine Bridge are also some aspects of the lake that will interest tourists. The Serpentine Lake is also the site of the Peter Pan Cup, inaugurated by J. M. Barrie, held annually on Christmas morning.

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