Hong Kong, one of the special administrative regions of China, is a nation known for its rich heritage as well as urban development. Known for its dazzling expansive skyline and unique society and culture, Hong Kong offers tourists an interesting blend of age old tradition and modern lifestyle. It is also known for its many tourist attractions and iconic cultural and leisure landmarks.

Located on one of the most bustling roads of Kowloon; Nathan Road, is the St. Andrew’s Church. Serving as a symbol of the Anglican presence in Hong Kong, this famous church is one of the iconic religious landmarks of Kowloon. Its spiritual ambience and beautiful design make it a rather intriguing tourist attraction as well.

Established in 1904 upon the pursuance of Sir Catchick Paul Chater and the Anglican community that resided in Kowloon, the St. Andrew’s Church is a religions and spiritual haven. Starting off as a small church, it gradually expanded, especially in the 70’s and 80’s, and stands today as one of the oldest and most respected churches of Hong Kong. The splendid architecture of the main building reflects the bold Victorian-Gothic style and is shaped in the form of a cruciform, with the single Bell Tower of the church also takes the shape of a cross. The church also has beautiful stained glass altars and windows.

An interesting fact is that the stained glass on the eastern windows of the church is the original stained glass presented by Sir Catchick Paul Chater upon the opening of this sacred site. The magnificent church has served as a sanctuary for prayer since its inception, except during the Second World War, during which time it also suffered from a bomb blast! This spiritual structure is a contrast to the hustle and bustle of Nathan Road, due to its peaceful ambience, and therefore warrants a visit.

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