Known the world over for its aromatic Ceylon tea, Sri Lanka has a proud and rich tradition when it comes to tea production. Introduced by the British, the tea plant grows in abundance in the country’s mountainous Hill Country; it is here where many tea growing estates can be found and are well worth exploring while on Sri Lanka tours. Those interested in Sri Lanka holidays that include touring these sites of rich beauty can make use of Walkers Tours which offers special excursions that take you to actual tea plantations.

Such tea tours in Sri Lanka are ideal since they give you the chance to get a first hand idea of the process of making tea, beginning with the humble tea leaf to the refreshing “cuppa” that has provided a refreshing beverage for many all over the world. Tours generally start with letting you see how the traditional tea pluckers (generally women) systematically and intricately pluck the leaves by hand. You will then make your way to the factory where the leaves are dried and processed before ending the tour by getting a chance to sample a delicious cup of tea.

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