Chao Phraya, or the River of Kings, is the blood line of Bangkok. Winding its way through the city where life goes on as it did thousands of year ago, this is the best way to observe as much of the city as possible within a short period of time. Thus Bangkok cruises are often concentrated on Chao Phraya.

When it comes to cruising down the river, the options are endless. There are numerous floating restaurants present on the river where one can make a reservation to dine. Dinner is the most common, and most sought after, time for a cruise. A glass of wine, a plate of most delectable of Thai cuisine and floating down the river at a leisurely pace is a favourite among the tourists. There are daycruises, too, where one is taken to the most significant places within the city through the means of a ship. These usually start early in the morning and often include breakfast on board. Then the passengers are taken through temples, gardens, and important monuments to disembark in the evening. Another popular option is to use Chao Phraya as a simple means of transport, and use it to get from one place in the city to another. However, Anantara Cruises, Thailand, and a few other high-end resorts offer overnight cruises along the river. Then the itinerary is larger, and you would be spending days on board as if you were on an intercontinental cruise.

One thing you must remember no matter what type of cruise you opt for is the weather. Thailand is a tropical country. Therefore, the temperature is high during the daytime, and so is humidity. This could lead to some discomfort and you might not want to spend time on the deck no matter how beautiful the surrounding is. However, bearing the weather is worth your while for the rewards of seeing the world sail by is truly indescribable.

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