The world over, people know of Jakarta for numerous reasons; as the capital city of Indonesia, as one of the most populous islands and as a former colonial stronghold. The name Jakarta evolved from the original, which was ‘Jayakarta’ as it was shorter and more convenient for foreigners. As per Sanskrit and Old Javanese; two languages which were widely spoken and used in various parts of Asia, Jayakarta meant victorious action. Though the two languages are used only minimally now, the name of this city is renowned and a Jakarta city hotel is much sought after by those who traverse through the area.

With a history that spans over a thousand years, there is much culture and heritage that deserves appreciation. Amidst the museums, the artefacts, the culture and the preserved buildings there are modern structures such as the Alila Jakarta which add vibrancy to the atmosphere. The famous Jakarta Trail takes visitors through three exciting museums which house a large number of artefacts, ceramics, and handicrafts, some of which can probably never be produced again.

The Jakarta History Museum is located in the former Batavia City Hall; a sturdy and stately building that has a vast collection including memorabilia from the Dutch East Indies Company. The entire sprawling white building is packed with display items while the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics is full of paintings and local handicraft items. Famous Indonesian painters are alive within the walls of this building which was formerly the court of justice. En route you will also stop by at the Wayang Museum which is a celebration of Javanese culture through puppetry. The neo-renaissance style architecture of the museum was a bold decision at the time since the building was initially used as a warehouse. The premises was formerly occupied by a church but it was destroyed by an earthquake over two hundred years ago. Street dramas and dances are the grand culmination to the heritage trail and are to be seen in the Old City but seldom elsewhere.

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