Better known for its beaches Bali has been a magnet for tourist. Apart from the beaches there are various others culturally as well as historically important places to check out while in this Exotic Island. One of the highlights of any Balinese holiday is the great spa experiences in offer.Bali Spa Resorts are a popular choice amongst most visitors. A noteworthy choice when it comes to such accommodation is, COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali described as a health spa retreat , the hotel offer maximum comfort and luxury while helping its guest enjoy a great rejuvenating Balinese holiday.

Tenganan village was known to be one of the most secluded communities prior to 1970s’. However there have been rapid changes that took place in the village post 70s’. Some of the key changes that took place are the opening up of local communication, opening up of tourism and the breaking of endogamic rules. One of the primary factors that attract the tourist to this once secluded village is that there are some of the most age old traditions of Bali still being followed here as well as its unique layout of the village and the architecture.

The people of Tenganan believe to have been appointed by god Indra to protect the land area assigned to them. They have many life cycle rituals and rites similar to those of Balinese customs however there are subtle differences.

The temple festivals that take place in this village often attract most visitors as they up hold age old traditions. There are two temples at the exit of the village. One of the famous festivals includes the “Mekare – Kare “a ceremony to fight war using thorny pandanus leaves. Other festivities include, “Sasih Kelima ”


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