Hong Kong is a glittering city that gets its shine from many important precincts. In addition to its many skyscrapers and hotels that adorn the night time streets of the city it has the prestigious Avenue of stars, a twinkling walkway that in a unique fashion ornament the city streets and commemorates the filming industry in the most remarkable way.

If you want to experience an Eastern version of Hollywood’s Walk of fame, the Avenue of Stars is your place to go. Like the Hall of Fame it has on its walkway names of famous persons, actors and actresses, directors and others who played a part in the filming industry. It is place where you can learn a wholesome insight into the movie makers of the Far East; a place where you can appreciate the history of Eastern movie making and a place where you can memorialize the great artists behind it. The Avenue of Stars is located right along the Victoria Harbor in Tsim Sha Sui Hong Kong. This particular spot accentuated by the reflection of glittering lights in the waters makes a scenic place for an evening stroll. This combined with the sparkle of the avenue of stars makes it one of the most picturesque night-time setting in the city. From the Salisbury Garden entry point the promenade begins with a four meter tall replica of the Film Awards Winning Statuette, it goes on to tell the story of film making through inscriptions marked on a series of pillars. The highlight of the Avenue of Stars is the plaques that commemorate the filming celebrities. Some plaques even contain handprints and autographs while others contain just the names most of whom are no longer present today. While concluding your tour, do not miss out on the enormous statue of Bruce Lee that is quite fascinating to admire.

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