Dubai is a city that is adorned with the most exotic attractions that will leave you in awe beyond your wildest imaginations. To do justice to the unparalleled wonders of Dubai, one must allocate a good couple of days to explore this city. When it comes to lodging in Dubai, tourists commonly choose from the many serviced apartments Dubai has, in order to take their time and leisurely explore this city. Since a lot of the city’s attractions are concentrated around the city center, the Ascott Park Place Dubai is an excellent apartment to stay in. From here even the famous Creek in Dubai is just around the corner.

The Creek is actually a small inlet from the Gulf that splits this city into 2. There is immense variety in the 2 worlds split by the creek; one depicts modern Dubai with incredibly high tech building most of which are sky high and the other however, portrays a more subtle Dubai; with a couple of old traditional clay houses still intact. The Creek serves as a place of tranquility in the heart of Dubai and lights up in an almost magical way at the time the sun sets. To explore the creek to the fullest, hire a water taxi (Abra) and sail from Bur Dhubai to Deira. If you are interested in Dubai Gold, Deira is just the place for you!

But if you rather prefer basking in just the beauty of this Creek; you can opt for a romantic dhow cruise that will take you further upstream. A Cruise will give you panoramic views of the many glittering skyscrapers that line this creek. As you sail away in a long blissful journey, savor the beauty of Dubai and the tranquil ambience of the Creek. Once your dhow sails under the many bridges of the creek, you will finally get to your destination; the Creek side gardens. This is another world of an attraction in itself.


Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.