India has a diverse culture, each unique and far different from one and other. Be it language, dress, traditions, cuisine or festivals, each culture has its own distinct way of celebrating and even common festivals are celebrated in different ways. One place you can witness all these cultures coming together is the Jawahar Toy Museum. Located in Pondicherry, the museum has a wonderful collection of toys and dolls that represent not only the region but also the country.

One section of the museum has 120 dolls; each dressed and decked with care to represent the different states of the country. From the striking colours of Punjab, the subtle colours of Kashmir, the white and gold of Kerala to the auspicious shades in South India, each doll’s attire and exquisite ornamentation not only brings to life their state but also portrays the high level of artistry present in India. While another section of the museum is seeped more in religion and depicts Lord Ganesh taking care of his duties in a fairyland.

Situated in the Pondicherry town in Goubert Avenue, near the lighthouse close to Gandhi Maidan, the museum is closed on Mondays and National holidays. Because of its central location, getting to the museum is extremely easy.

But the museum is not the only interesting thing about Pondicherry. A former French colony, it is presently a Union territory of South India. Though Tamil is widely spoken here, French influence still remains. Most people speak French and the restaurants unlike the rest of India offer you French cuisine including wine. French architecture is also widely prevalent. The beaches of Pondicherry are also perfect for relaxing but unlike other coastal areas, the atmosphere is more laid back and subtle. Some feel that Pondicherry lacks the excitement and glamour of being a beach city and is less happening.

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Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.