The National History Museum is a large and a modern building with a sweeping arc building with the sweeping arc, built into its design. It compares well with other natural history museums and has very good static displays of dinosaurs and large animals. The Museum is housed on a building with a dramatic semi-circular roof and open atrium The Somerset Youngi Tianjin is one of the best Tianjin Accommodation to stay while on a vacation or on a business trip. The hotel also provides a serviced residence with spectacular views, convenient location and services. The Hotel is located close by to the famous National History Museum of Tianjin. It is also located on the financial hub of the city. The Somerset Youngi Tianjin is close to the exhibition center, two main industrial parks, cultural destinations, a variety of restaurants and entertainment centers.

The National History Museum has a good collection of dinosaur skeletons, robotic tyrannosaurus which moves its head and roars. There is also a good collection of rocks and Fossils, as well as dioramas showing animals in different habitats throughout the world. Also there is a gallery showing the evolution of life. There is also a 4D cinema complex, as well a famous butterfly for children to enjoy, inside the Museum. The Museum mainly displays four basic displays of Animal, Paleontology, Plants, anthropology, Fossils containing ancient replies, mammals, animal ecology, insects and aquatic organisms. Shows such as the Exhibition of Butterflies, the Exhibition of Fostering Flowers, Exhibition of Protecting Rare Birds and Beneficial Birds are very interesting shows for children specially. As The National History Museum is a facility that specializes In Paleontology and fossils, it features a comprehensive collection of almost 400,000 specimens of this nature.

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