Ho chi minh is the largest city in Vietnam and has been regarded as the city that has driven the country forward in terms of tourism. Most tourists who visit Vietnam make it a point to visit this city. The accommodation options available in this city are range from hotels to hostels to suit the back packers’ needs. However a growing majority of people have been leaning towards Ho Chi Minh Service Apartment. Mostly to do with the convenience and privacy associated with such accommodation. One that has been regarded as a pioneer in this regard is, Diamond Island Luxury Residences. Well-appointed apartments with an array of leisure facilities are a great place to explore most of Chi Minh City.

When traveling on holiday one of the prime concerns is the climate and weather of the place. Given its geographical location in the tropics and the close proximity to the sea, the city enjoys steady warm to hot climate all year around. The average temperature is between 210C-320 C throughout the year. The months between December and April bring in cooler temperatures which also is the dry season. The rains begin in May and get heavier in the months of June and August. However these sudden showers don’t last long as the sun appears out soon. However there is a danger of typhoons between June and November. Therefore it is advisable to visit the city during the cool and dry season between April and August.

There are various places of interest and attractions to visit while in Ho Chi Minh such as the history museum, Ben Thanh market, Khanh Van Nam Vien Pagoda among several others. There are many different tour operators that offer various packages that help explore this exciting city.

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