Xiamen is a beautiful port city located on the southeast coast of China; the region comprises two main islands and part of the mainland and is divided into 6 districts. The city was a former colonial port during the British Empire.

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Take a quick ferry to the Gulangyu Islands

There is plenty to explore in these islands renowned for her natural beauty, ancient artefacts, and diverse architecture.

Have a spiritual experience at the South Putuo Temple

The temple is located amidst the fantastic peaks of the Wulao Mountains and is enclosed by the sea. You will see many ancient Buddhist scriptures, unique architectural buildings and beautiful images of the Buddha sculptured in ivory.

Travel to the Hulishan Fortress

Located on the southern coast of the Xiamen Islands, this granite castle built-in 1894 during the Qing Dynasty has over 13,000 square meters to explore.

Explore Mount Wuyi located in the southern Fujian Province

This area is rich in biodiversity and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best way to experience this landscape is by raft along the mountain rivers. Endless other activities await travellers and plenty of accommodation options to allow you to immerse in the wonders Xiamen has to offer. Somerset Software Park Xiamen is conveniently located near many of these tourist attractions, and Xiamen serviced apartments offer customized luxurious lodging to suit the individual needs of tourists.

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