If you get tired of basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean surrounding Bali then make sure to head over to Turtle Island for an exciting encounter with sea turtles. The best place to stay in to get a total package that enables you to enjoy all the attractions in the area hassle-free is a Bali luxury spa resort, so you can enjoy both the environment and exquisite spa treatments. COMO Shambhala Estate Bali offers a rejuvenating vacation and a memorable stay. At Turtle Island you can get up close with these creatures and learn more about how they survive in the ocean. To reach the site you will set sail on a glass bottom speedboat that provides a spectacular view of the ocean and colourful reef fish. While on the boat ride you can offer pieces of bread if you want to take a good look at the fish. Reef fish are generally attracted to any type of food, so throwing in some bread is a good way to get a closer look at the variety of species that dwell in the reefs in Bali. The underwater aquarium located on Tanjung Benoa beach is the first stop for visitors to the island. Here you can get a better understanding of the beautiful ocean and the corals that thrive in it.

Turtle Island is the next and final stop (the ride to and from the island will take around twenty minutes). It is the site for turtle breeding and conservation. If you have never seen or even know too much about sea turtles you will find all the interesting facts about them while at this place. There are sea turtle eggs as well as small and adult turtles living here. In addition there are birds, bats and snakes that are kept at this enchanting destination. Most of the animals are tame so you can hold them, photograph them and even pet them!

It will take you roughly 1 hour to explore and travel to Turtle Island in Bali. Since this attraction thrives on ticket funds you will be contributing to the conservation of these species at least in a small way. One will also find several accommodation spots within easy reach of this site.

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