The Apsley House is one of the only preserved locations of the English aristocracy during its period. The rooms and the original style and décor of the residence have been maintained throughout the years. The paintings that belonged to the first Duke of England are housed at the museum along with sculptures, porcelain and silver items and furniture. For example, the nude sculpture of Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker made in the 17th century is still in its original state at this location. The sculpture holds a gilded Nike and a staff that is around 3.5m in length. Prior to the construction of the Apsley House the site was occupied by a popular tavern named the Hercules Pillar and was a stopover for Squire Western when he journeyed to London.

Apsley House was built during the latter part of the 16th century; it was a creation carried out by Robert Adam for the Lord Chancellor Apsley. Some of the original designs still remain like the circular staircase, the Portico Room and Drawing Room. Most people in London referred to the Apsley House as Number One because it was one the first houses you encounter when travelling to the countryside. The additions to the building were made in 1819 when the Duke of Wellington bought over the property. The Waterloo Gallery was yet another addition and it is distinctly different from the rest of the interior because it was made according to the French style. Every year a banquet is organised to celebrate the victory over Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo at the Waterloo Gallery.

There are still members of the Dukes family that occupy a part of the estate. On the north side of the house are the apartments that belong to the English aristocracy. The most attractive section of the Apsley House is the collection of paintings. There are around two hundred paintings of which 83 were acquired by the 1st Duke following the Battle of Victoria in 1813. If you want to tour the Apsley House and learn more about British aristocracy then stay over at a luxury boutique hotel London has to offer. Halkin by COMO London offers the best deals for visitors to the city, plus the services and the cuisine are amazing.


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