There are many ways to enjoy the underwater beauty of the Maldives, snorkelling and diving being the most popular. However there is another option, the Whale Submarine that is an excellent alternative for young children and even adults who can’t bear to get their heads underwater. Although the submarine cannot be called an ‘attraction,’ it is one of the ‘must do’ things and is very popular with visitors as many take advantage of it to have their first glimpse of the Maldives’ famous underwater landscape.

Operating around Tear Drop Reef between Male and Villingili the submarine offers the best option for sightseeing in a country where the main attractions are found underwater. Said to be the world’s largest, the 50 passenger 73 foot submarine can achieve dives up to a depth of 120 feet. It provides many passengers with their first ever underwater experience in safe, air conditioned comfort. There is no popping of ears here. The submarine’s pressurised cabin maintains a comfortable environment to suit the youngest and oldest of its passengers. After thousands of dives since its inauguration in 1994 the Whale Submarine has provided several thousand passengers with one of their most cherished memories.

Diving starts at 9.30 am, go on till 8 in the evening and last for 45 minutes. This schedule offers passengers the opportunity to dive at various times of the day to experience the changing underwater scene. Two stage dives first up to 25 and then to 45 meter depths allow passengers to view corals and sea creatures of different types. At 25 meters passengers generally encounter blue or yellow striped snappers, lionfish, yellow box fish and even turtles. At 45 meters there are more views of vast areas of corals and larger marine life such as Napoleon Wrasse and white tip reef sharks.

The submarine usually settles on a sandy area at this depth and its exterior lights come on illuminating interesting features of the underwater landscape such as a cave where a 2 meter long giant grouper lurks and come tantalisingly close to the submarine displaying uneven razor sharp teeth. Fish cards help passengers to identify the marine species they are viewing and to stay informed. Depending on the time and current, lucky passengers are offered views of shipwrecks now wreathed in coral and home to myriad marine life, shark feeding sites and additional reefs. Dives after sunset offer views of coral polyps feeding, various crustaceans and large marine species such as sharks foraging for food and sleeping rays caught in the beam of the external lights of the submarine. This trip to the bottom of the sea offers many photo opportunities to record some very rare footage for posterity.

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Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.