The attractive location known as Arugam Bay is always an appealing place to visit. Here you will find a pleasant stretch of beach that is a great place to spend leisure time. It is also renowned as a premier surfing location with excellent conditions for the sport. As you experience the attractions the island nation offers choose Jetwing Travels for all your Sri Lanka travel needs including visiting this surfing hotspot.

Arugam Bay is situated 320 km from the main city of Colombo. Although Arugam Bay is a small fishing village its outstanding natural attractions make it an enjoyable place to visit. It is also located in proximity to Yala National Park which is a major attraction in its own right. You will find that the journey to Arugam Bay takes you through several verdant meadows where you may have the opportunity to spot various kinds of wildlife.

Next to the local village at Arugam Bay you will find a sweeping, expansive beach which will attract the leisure seeker. This beach is also well-known as a popular location for swimming; the safest area for this activity would be the south-western corner of the beach, where you will also see a number of thatched huts and fishing boats belonging to the local fisher folk. Other than these few local residents you will often find that the beach is virtually deserted, making it a great place for seclusion and relaxation.

Arugam Bay is also well-known as an outstanding surfing location with excellent conditions for the sport. The most renowned surfing site in Arugam Bay is ‘The Point’ which offers splendid features that will entrance the surfing enthusiast. You will also find a number of other quality surf breaks in the vicinity of The Point. Irrespective of whether you are a committed surfer or just a regular leisure seeker you are sure to be captivated by the attractions of Arugam Bay.

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