Located around Sydney Cove, Circular Quay is one of the most popular leisure and recreational centres in the city.

What’s in there?

Although it was a shipping region some decades back, it’s a lively region now. With well-designed walkways, restaurants, and parks, Circular Quay is all about making happy memories.

It’s a transport centre too

Did you know that Circular Quay is also a great transport hub? It’s made up of a good amount of ferry quays. There’s a great train station as well.

Art and culture

Circular Quay has many great art galleries. In addition to the ever-famous Sydney Opera House, you also find the Museum of Contemporary Arts here.

Shannon Hobbs, Circular Quay, Sydneyoperahhouse, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Eastside

On the east, you find the best of all restaurants and hotels on Circular Quay. You also find the massive dandy Cinema together with some stylish and classy boutique shops.

Other attractions

The Customs House, Justice and Police Museum, and the Old Government House (presently- the Museum of Sydney) are some of the other notable attractions located close by.

Holiday options

Thanks to many world-class accommodation venues including Oaks Sydney North Ryde Suites, spending your vacation here is no longer an issue.