Melbourne, ranked as a liveable destination worldwide, is not only famed for its varied mix of people and activities. Discover some informative facts about Victoria’s vibrant capital.

Donaldytong, Melbourne Luna Park, CC BY-SA 3.0

Administrative facts

Before Canberra, Australia’s capital was Melbourne, between 1901-1926. It was initially named ‘Batmania’. Taking the lead in road development, Melbourne became the nation’s first city to install traffic lights. It also boasts the 4th largest tram system globally.

Social and cultural facts

This cosmopolitan city boasts the highest number of restaurants and cafes per number of people than any city worldwide. If your chosen accommodation is a serviced apartment in Melbourne, the likes of Oaks Melbourne on William Suites, be sure to visit some world-famous eateries nearby. Melbourne has the highest population of Italians and Greeks globally after their own countries. Highlighting its multiculturalism is the fact that 38% of residents were born overseas.

Weather facts

Melbourne’s weather is unpredictable, with the likelihood of all 4 seasons being experienced in one day. In 2009, Melbourne recorded its highest temperature of 46.4 degrees Celsius.

Iconic facts

Melbourne, Australia’s unofficial sporting capital, houses 5 international standard sporting facilities and hosts many global sporting events. Aussie Rules Football (AFL) was created in Melbourne. David Warren, a Melbournian, invented the black box flight recorder. The city is home to Luna Park, the world’s oldest privately-owned theme park, while the world’s biggest stained-glass ceiling is located at the National Gallery of Victoria’s Great Hall.