Established in 1921, Wong Tai Sin Temple located to the north of Kowloon is among the most admired shrines in Hong Kong. This temple was considered as a private shrine that belonged to the “Pu Yi Tan” Taoists till 1934. The shrine was named after Wong Chuping who followed Taoism and became immortal at the age of 40. It is designed according to Chinese architectural style with multi coloured carvings, red pillars, yellow lattice work, and an elegant golden roof while three memorial archways are featured on the ground floor.

This shrine is also famous for fortune telling where the visitors light fortune sticks before the main altar and make their wish. The temple gets crowded with worshippers who come to obtain blessings on Chinese New Year and on Wong Chuping birthday. Visitors of Wong Tai Sin Temple have the luxury of viewing a Nine Dragon Wall, The Three-Saint Hall which is dedicated to Guan Yin, Lü Dongbin, and Lord Guan and a collection of literature Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian literature. The other sites in the complex include Yue Heung Shrine which is built in appreciation of the teachings of Buddha, the Library Hall, including Wong Tai Sin wisdom, a Memorial Hall, and the octagonal Confucian Hall that pay tribute to the ancient philosopher and his 72 disciples. This temple also become unique as it is the only temple in Hong Kong that facilitates wedding ceremonies.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is an ideal place to be visited by the local and foreign tourists who admire cultural and religious sites. When one is visiting this shrine comfortable accommodation can be found in one of the Kowloon hotels. One such recommended hotel would be Eaton Hotel Hong Kong which is a comfortable Hong Kong hotel.