As the world enters its most technologically advanced era yet, scores of woodland and forest areas are diminishing around the globe to make way for more and more of civilisation and inhabitation by humans. In such a day and age, the importance that has been placed on the natural resources and wildlife appear to be diminishing gradually. In this light, attractions such as the Haicang Wildlife Zoo are an attempt by concerned environmentalists to preserve the abundant wildlife in China for the generations to come.

Located in Xiamen, the Haicang Wild Zoo is home to a myriad of wild species such as black bears, pandas, gazelle, zebras, white tigers and even kangaroos and is thus, not limited to natural wonders found in China alone. In an effort to preserve these species for the future, the park is additionally invested in conducting research in an attempt to discover new and developed methods to protect animals. Furthermore, this zoo is also the first theme park of its kind in the Fujian Province.

Providing a home for over two thousand animals composed of around one hundred species, the park is conveniently divided to facilitate visitors who wish to explore on foot and those who opt to drive through the zoo. Nestled between high mountains with a spectacular view of the scenic blue ocean, the site is worth a visit not only for the wildlife but also for its panoramic views of the countryside. As a result, it is also an iconic family attraction for both young and old who would greatly enjoy all that the Haicang Zoo has to offer.

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