Kuramathi Island a breathtakingly beautiful Maldives Island Resort which provides excellent hospitality services to their guests. These Maldives Villas are located within beautiful natural surroundings which makes the visitors want to linger more.

The wildlife that one would come across in Maldives is diverse. The fauna and flora in the reefs, islands and the ocean are vivid. The waters of Maldives are a home to multicolored small fish and corals, sharks, eels and much more. Reptiles can be found in the islands and the sea turtles, Sea snakes and saltwater crocodiles can be seen resting in the shores of the islands. Mostly migratory birds rule the skies of Maldives, where as the amount of endemic bird species are rare. The numbers of mammal population in these islands are limited, only the flying fox and shrew are the endemic mammals that are seen. Even though small in size, Maldives can be considered as an archipelago that has a rich collection of wildlife worth watching.