Two scenic beach areas flanked on three sides by jade green mountains, the Da Meisha & Xiaomeisha Scenic Area are delightful areas to hang out in. Shenzhen apartment accommodation in this area is not too hard to find since Ascott Maillen Shenzhen offers comfortable Shenzhen serviced apartments within close proximity of the beach. Speckled with hotels, resorts and restaurants, the area has become quite popular as a tourist destination, the Xiaomeisha Scenic Area earning its name as the “Hawaii of the East”. The waters are clean and blue and the sands are golden here, allowing the visitors to fully enjoy a beach vacation that is truly rewarding. However, Da Meisha scenic is Shenzhen City’s longest beach spanning 1.8 kilometres in length with its fine, soft sands, clear seawater and the refreshing breeze because of which it has also secured a place amongst the ‘Top Eight Scenic Spots in Shenzhen’. Once here also make sure to spot some themed sculptures on the beach which had initially been sculpted by young people with insecure living conditions and unstable jobs conditions during 1940s-1980s which now stand as symbols of happiness in the area.

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