An Anglican Cathedral In the heart of Hong Kong, the St John Cathedral is the official church of St John the Evangelist. Located at 4 Garden Road the old Cathedral is the key focus of the Sheng Kung Hui province of Hong Kong.images (53)
One of the five cathedrals in the city among others such as Holy Trinity and Kowloon City, it is housed within the oldest surviving religious building in Hong Kong, and is renowned as the oldest Anglican church of the east. Declared a historical monument in 1996, the Church is sure worth a visit while you are in this cosmopolitan country. Popular at the time it was built in the 13th century the church has a revivalist style, and is decorated in Gothic. The bell tower has been decorated with the letters VR meaning Queen Victoria, signifying that the church was found during Queen Victoria’s reign. The church has been built in the unique shape of a cross.
Standing at the heart of the city’s financial downtown district, and deeply rooted in Anglicanism but with a great reach in to the present communities, the cathedral is a treasured and much loved building by many. The outstretched arms of Jesus next to the beautiful stained glass of the church where the gospel is proclaimed paints a spiritually inviting picture on the East of the Church. A little more than the ordinary Christian Bookshop , the bookstore of the church offers a broad selection of religious literature, children’s books and a wide selection of Distinctive gifts and cards.
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