Steeped in history, the centre of West Berlin with its Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church standing proudly amidst the cityscape offers countless hours of adventure for those wandering these charming city streets. If you are looking to live it up while exploring the city then look to stay at luxury hotels Berlin has to offer such as Regent Berlin. This five star hotel Berlin can be found in the Mitte district near Gendarmenmarkt Square and makes an ideal base from which to set off on visits to West Berlin. Here you will find the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church which today has become somewhat of a peace memorial. While this Neo-Romanesque style structure survived the allied bombing during World War Two, part of the west Tower stands in ruins and has been kept that way as a poignant reminder of the war that ravaged the city. As you walk the streets of West Berlin you will come across a whole host of other attractions. The Reichstag Building which is used as the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bellevue Palace which is the president’s official residence, the Victory Column and the Philharmonie concert hall are just a few of the many sights of interest you can visit here and which offer a unique insight into the cultural heritage of the city.