Horses having always held an important position in the Emirati culture, horse riding is an utmost favourite past time in Abu Dhabi. An essential part of the country’s heritage, it is always wise to seek out a suitable hotel Abu Dhabi UAE in order to engage in this sport. A popular Abu Dhabi hotel preferred by many would be Grand Millennium Al Wahda, the perfect amalgamation of comfort and elegance coming together gracefully to the delight of its guests. Although necessarily a royal past time, both nobles and ordinary citizens alike are very well known for their horsemanship. Harbouring a number of world class stables breeding Arabian horses world renowned for their intelligence and stamina, Abu Dhabi is the place to be if you are a fan of horse riding. While there are many equestrian events to participate for the horse riding enthusiast, one can also strut around on a magnificent stallion just to enjoy the sights sounds and smells of this glorious country on horseback which would be an experience that would be remembered forever.

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